Trebles and Blues - The Blue Note (2011)

01. The Tempo 
02. The First Time 
03. 808s and Quintets 
04. Peace in Everything 
05. Slum Love Japan (Interlude) 
06. An Evening in Osaka 
07. The Soulmate that Seldom Speaks 
08. 131 West 3rd Street 
09. Win Against Them All 
10. Pluto Jazz 
11. Every Mind Has Changed (Outro) 

About 'Trebles and Blues'

Trebles and Blues is a hip hop producer hailing from Los Angeles, CA. When he was 14 years old, he went with his younger brother to a local Sam Goody store and together they purchased their first CD, the Wu-Tang Killa Bees’ first compilation album, The Swarm. That introduced his eardrums to the vibrant sounds of hard-hitting drums and melodies that gave his head no choice but to nod repeatedly. 

Trebles and Blues began making beats in late 2009 and in 2010, joined The Soul Dojo Music Group to further its mission of delivering good music to the listeners that long for it. After graduating from UCLA and working in the financial services sector for three years, Trebles and Blues decided in 2011 to pursue music wholeheartedly, and will release his debut album, The Blue Note, on March 1st, 2011

The Tempo

Trebles and Blues - 808's and Quintets (Beat Video)

Trebles and Blues - 131 West 3rd Street (Beat Video)

Trebles and Blues - The Soulmate that Seldom Speaks (Beat Video)

Trebles and Blues - Every Mind Has Changed (Outro)

아무생각없이 듣다가
3번트랙의 압도적인 사운드에 화들짝 놀라
헤드폰을 쓰게 만드는군요.

로스엔젤레스 캘리포니아 출신의 
 한국인 힙합 프로듀서 Trebles and Blues의 데뷔앨범 
"The Blue Note"

즐감하세요 :D

DaeHanMinGook! :D

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